1. User responsibility

· -Gay Peru Travel will take as valid information that entered by the User or Registered User at the time of making your reservation, considering that you have correctly entered your data (first surname and first name), as they appear in your valid and current identity document ( ID / DNI / Passport or Immigration Card). Once the services have been reserved and paid for, corrections and / or modifications are not possible.

· -The rates are expressed in US Dollars, with the current exchange rate in Nuevos Soles, subject to availability and / or while supplies last.

· -These conditions apply to the itinerary and travel dates in accordance with what is requested and designated by the User and / or client.

· -It is an essential requirement to be of legal age for the acquisition of our services through the web portal.

  1. Quotes and Paid Reservations

· When sending a quote (budget based on a request), Gay Peru Travel will send the estimated price in US dollars with the current exchange rate in Nuevos Soles. The amount to be paid will be clearly detailed, which corresponds to the net rate + established taxes and the charge for the intermediation service of GayPeru Travel. Once said amount is accepted, the client is responsible for managing the payment according to the available means.

· -GayPeru Travel will always seek to respect prices until the time of issuance of tickets and / or services; however, rate variations may occur as they are no longer in force with suppliers or have reached stock. Gay Peru Travel will use the available mechanisms to inform the passenger and / or registered user of the modification of the referred price. The price will not undergo changes or modifications as long as the product or service is found with payment confirmation.

· -Credit card purchases are subject to the approval of the issuing bank.

  1. Documents Required to Make the Trip

· -The customer as a consumer and / or user of the service has the duty to find out about the documentation that he may need to make his trip according to the chosen itinerary. It is requested to carry out the corresponding verifications in advance if you require passports, visas, vaccines, permits for minors or other document requirements for both destination countries and transit countries. In case of being a requirement, the client is responsible for managing it.

· -The process, management and obtaining of the visa (s), as well as transit visas, for countries such as: USA, Canada, England, among others, is the sole responsibility of the Client, therefore it cannot be indicate G Peru Travel as responsible for problems that the Client may suffer from not having the documents in the conditions required by the corresponding authorities, either for entering or leaving a certain country.

  1. For National Travel

· -In the case of Peruvian passengers within the national territory, you must have the national identity document (DNI). For foreigners, it will be the valid Passport or Immigration Card.

  1. For International Travel

· -The Peruvian passport and / or foreign passport must be presented, which must have a minimum validity of 06 months completing the trip. In the countries that belong to the Andean community, it is permissible to make the trip carrying the DNI.

  1. Travel of Minors

6.1 Authorizations for international travel

You must have legal or notarial travel authorization from the parents, unless you make the trip with them. If you only travel with one of them, you must obtain the authorization of the father or mother who will not travel.

6.2 Authorizations for domestic travel

The minor can make the trip as long as he travels with one of the parents. If she does not travel with any of them, she must proceed with the aforementioned documentation (6.1).

The validity of the permit and details of said authorization for both cases must be validated by a notary.

6.3 Service for minors traveling alone

The airlines are the only ones that establish the age limits so that they can make the trip, as well as those who establish whether or not it is necessary to purchase the Unaccompanied Minor service as a requirement to board the plane, considering the availability with which be told about this service. It is recommended to make the necessary consultations before the purchase.

  1. Vaccines

· -It is important that the passenger or Registered User verify the health requirements before embarking on a trip to the chosen destination as these could change from one moment to another. We recommend contrasting it with the official entities of each country.

· -In the case of vaccines, reference is almost always made to the Yellow Fever vaccine (Information from the World Health Organization (http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs100/en/) and Malaria or Malaria (http://www.who.int/malaria/travellers/en/) It is recommended to get vaccinated at least 10 days before the start of the trip, in the case of Yellow Fever the vaccine protects for a period of 10 years.

The countries of America generally recommend certain vaccines, in some countries it is necessary for entry and in others it is required only for high-risk areas. Detailed information by country and requirements can be found at the following URL: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/yellowbook/2018/infectious-diseases-related-to-travel/yellow-fever-malaria-information- by-country

  1. Travel Insurance

· -It is a good practice to contract travel insurance as a contingency or aid outside the country, always taking into consideration that medical treatment abroad, urgent and / or emergency may incur high costs.

· -Conditions: The passenger must contact the emergency numbers to activate their assistance and identify themselves with the policy number found on the voucher. The insurer will provide you with the steps to follow according to your case. If a letter of guarantee is required, delivery times vary between 24 to 48 hours because it is an internal procedure between the insurance company and the medical establishment. There are exceptions in the coverage of the policy in the case of pre-existing diseases (check with the insurer). In some cases when the insurer indicates that it will proceed with the reimbursement of the expense made by the passenger, it must keep all receipts for the expenses incurred in the care. It is essential that the client carefully read the Policy and general conditions of the insurance, it details the amounts of coverage, the period and types of medical cases that are covered and what is excluded by the insurer among other facts.

· -Date change: Due to the type of insurance and if applicable according to the conditions of your policy, you must contact at least 48 hours (02 days) before the start of the insurance period. (Check the opening hours of our offices).

· -Reimbursement Request: Only applicable when requested to Gay Peru Travel at least 48 hours (02 business days) before the start of the term. The accepted reasons to process the reimbursement are only: Denial of Visa and Health Issues that have been presented in an emergency, for which you must present supporting documents.

· -In case of not acquiring the travel assistance card and / or travel insurance, Gay Peru Travel is not responsible for problems that may arise before, during and after the trip. Future claims or requests for reimbursement for expenses incurred due to a mishap and / or accident are not applicable.

  1. Cruises

Cruises are services that have planned operation dates, which is why their conditions are quite restrictive. Once this service is acquired, even through prepayments, no changes apply, no refund applies and they are not endorsable or transferable in accordance with the operators’ policy.

  1. Car Rental

Vehicle rentals or rentals are subject to particular conditions of the companies that provide the service. Rates vary according to the type of car, mileage, number of days to reserve, type of vehicle insurance and permits to use the vehicle at destination. It is important that G Peru Travel retailer verify what is “included” and “not included” in the reservation. Some city taxes, fees, fines, tolls, fuel, etc., are not considered in the price of the reservation.

In order to use the service, the user must be of legal age (verify the age considered by each company) and have the license issued in Peru.

When picking up the vehicle, the user (driver) will be asked for an international credit card in his name as a guarantee. The use of additional services made by the user that are not included in the cost of the reservation will be charged by the Rental Company.

It is important that the user when picking up the car verifies that the characteristics of their reservation are met, in case of disagreement and / or doubts, they must inform the Rental Company. In the same way, when making the return you must deliver the unit as it was received.

In case of controversies with the rental service or another at the destination, the rental company must be informed.

  1. Tips

Those programs that include tips to porters in hotels and airports are especially mentioned in this regard. For groups, tips to porters at hotels are included for (1) suitcase per person, unless otherwise noted; not so in airports since most of them do not have this service because they have replaced it with trolleys. Tips to drivers and guides are not included and it is the norm to give them when the service has been according to expectations. It is use and custom, in the face of good service, an amount per person and per day for both the accompanying guide and the driver and local guides. Generally this applies to exotic destinations.

  1. Air Ticket Information

· -The user is responsible for selecting the itinerary (origin-destination) and travel dates, as well as, for the correct filling in of the data of the person who is going to use the ticket.

· -Once the purchase of the air reservation is generated, a summary will be sent with the itinerary information, passenger data, regulations and / or restrictions that apply to your rate.

· -We recommend a minimum of 1 hour of connection between international sections with the same airline and in a single ticket. For cases of flights operated by different airlines, on different tickets, the minimum time is 3 hours.

· -Rates may vary depending on the length of stay, the season and proximity of the trip.

· -In general, the economic rates do not allow Stopover (Stops), it is recommended to consult before the purchase, if required.

· -According to Law 29571 – Consumer Protection and Defense Code, in national route Peru air tickets, if any of the sections were not used, the following sections can be used as they were issued. Likewise, it is possible to endorse or transfer ownership of the service, for this the end user must contact the airline no less than 24 hours in advance of the date and time of the first flight.

  1. Check-in / Boarding Pass

· -The passenger is responsible for managing the Web Check-in before flight departure, in accordance with the policies of each airline; Likewise, he must select seats in case the purchased fare allows it and then download the boarding pass, which he must present at the airport, in order to simplify the check-in process at the airline’s Counter.

· -In case of difficulty or simply cannot do it, he must report it and manage it with the airline. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the client must appear 3 (three) hours before departure for international trips and 2 (two) hours before departure for domestic or national trips.

· -The client does not show up to take the flight (No Show), on an international route, the airline will proceed to cancel the reservation, not having the right to request a partial or total refund of the amount paid for the air ticket.

  1. Policy for Changes in your Air Ticket

• Air tickets are subject to different regulations and restrictions depending on the price purchased.

• In case your rate is economic promotional, many of them do not allow any type of change, even for medical reasons.

• If your rate does allow changes, you must consider: availability on the new date, payment of penalties and / or rate differences in case the new rate is higher than the current one. Additionally, G Peru Travel will charge for the administrative intermediation charge in the request.

• We have a schedule to make changes: Monday through Friday 10am to 4pm.

• In the case of generating a NO SHOW (passenger does not show up for the flight), the entire ticket is lost due to airline regulations, the user being solely responsible.

• Tickets on the national route can benefit from the consumer law that allows the non-consecutive use of coupons (multiple destinations) and postponement of dates. For more details, the user must contact the airline at least 24 hours before the departure of the first flight. Likewise, according to what is established in the Consumer and Protection Code, the endorsement of air tickets for domestic flights is allowed.

• Changes in route, name, date, will depend on the type of fare purchased and the airline as the case may be.

  1. Air Ticket Refund Policy

• Most of the promotional cheap tickets are not refundable, transferable or endorsable.

• In the rates that do allow refunds, the payment of a penalty and administrative charges must be considered.

• The average time it can take for a refund to become effective is 90 days, and can often be extended to longer. The promptness of payment depends on each airline, G Peru Travel is not responsible for the delay that this process may present.

• When requesting reimbursement for medical issues, the client must consider that G Peru Travel does not authorize them nor can any exception apply. Its work, as a travel agency, will be an intermediary in the transfer of information to the airlines only, their authorization being under their authority.

• The administrative charge or fee is not refundable.

  1. Rescheduling and / or Cancellation of Air Tickets

• Gay Peru Travel is not responsible for changes without prior notice caused by the airline before, during and after the trip (rescheduling and / or cancellations due to airline technical, weather or other factors).

• For these cases, airlines can often present protection options, which will be offered directly to the user and / or passenger; being at your disposal to accept them or not. After that, there will be no room for retraction or withdrawal from what is accepted.

• Gay Peru Travel explicitly declares that it acts solely as an intermediary between travelers and the entities or persons called upon to provide the services that appear in the itineraries.

• We recommend that you reconfirm your flights 72 hours before departure.

  1. Baggage Allowance Policy

• The Client is solely responsible for the custody of their luggage and documentation.

• For cases in which the rates allow to carry only personal items and / or hand luggage, they must comply with the standards and dimensions established by the airlines, in case of excess weight and / or size, the airline will apply a charge additional.

• The user must consider the dimensions of the luggage allowed and the restricted items to carry, for more details it is recommended to verify the information directly on the airline’s website.

  1. Airlines with LOW COST Fares

• Currently, in the market there are airlines known as Low Cost or Low Cost. The main characteristic of this type of service is to offer low prices compared to traditional airlines. For this, Low Cost airlines offer travel services at an affordable price; However, boarding pass printing services, seat selection, flight meals or luggage are not included in the final price and if the client requests these services, an additional payment must be made.

• We recommend always checking the regulations of the selected rate to know what the service includes or does not include.

  1. Request Invoice

• It is detailed that the presentation of an air ticket represents the tax support as proof of sale.

  1. Conditions of Tourist Packages

In addition to what is stated in the general requirements, the following should be considered:

• Prices are expressed in US dollars with their equivalent in soles according to Law No. 29571.

• Reference exchange rate S / 3.60.

• Prices are per person based on a double room.

• Prices Not valid for groups.

• Fares do not allow refunds and cannot be transferred to other passengers.

• Verify the conditions of the packages before booking, remember that there are services that do not allow changes or cancellations (cancellations) and others that, although they could admit it, condition their origin on the payment of a penalty.

• Rates subject to availability or while supplies last.

• Services abroad are not subject to VAT. If you request an invoice and / or ballot, you must add the corresponding tax (IGV).

• Minimum stock 02 double packages per departure.

• Confirmed air and hotel reservations.

• Transfers are in regular service (shared).

• Air tickets and vouchers are generally delivered 48 hours before the departure date.

• Rates, queues and taxes are subject to change without prior notice until the day of issue.

• The contracted services must be used on the date, time and other conditions indicated in the reservation. If the client or user does not show up or does not give prior notice of a possible delay, the operators (accommodation / transfer / tours) will consider it as NO SHOW (no show), remaining under their authority to cancel the reservation and dispose of the services at their discretion, and the client or end user cannot request a total or partial refund of the amount paid or the restitution of the service.

• We are not responsible for delays and / or damages derived from circumstances beyond our control (whether they are fortuitous causes, force majeure and / or any loss, damage, accident or any other irregularity that may occur to the end user).

  1. Cancellation and Reimbursement of Tourist Services

· -You must verify if the purchased service applies to be refundable. Not everyone has the possibility of being reimbursed according to the policies established and indicated during the purchase.

· -Air tickets in services (packages / blocks) are not refundable for any reason.

· If cancellations are allowed, the service must first be canceled 30 days before the start of the trip; in this case the reimbursement will be subject to a penalty on the contracted price, as well as administrative expenses.

· -In case the cancellation is made outside 30 days in advance, the penalty will be 100% of the service, that is, no type of refund will be considered for any reason.

· -Once the sale is closed, any data correction is subject to the payment of a penalty of 10% of the rate plus administrative expenses. Other types of modifications should be consulted in particular with your travel advisor.

· -Certain services may be interrupted or canceled due to weather conditions, force majeure or others beyond the control of hotels, airlines, suppliers or partners. No refunds will be granted as a result of these interruptions or cancellations beyond our control and that of the operators.

· -If the payment method was made with a credit card, refunds will be made in this way. The return times will vary and depend on the banking entities.

· -If the payment method was made by a deposit or in cash, the refund will be made through a check payable to the purchaser.

· -The average time that this process takes is 30 to 60 business days (not consider weekends or holidays).

· -The opening hours to carry out the reimbursement process are Monday through Friday 9am to 4pm.

· -The administrative charge or fee is not refundable.

21.1 Reimbursement for death

It is for the sole consideration of the operators to apply any exception and / or exemption from penalties and / or reimbursements. The user and / or customer are recommended to promptly inform any situation that makes it impossible to use the contracted services. That way you can be properly targeted.

  1. Important

If you do not agree with these general terms and conditions of sale (the same ones that are obligatory), you must please refrain from using our web portal, applications and / or web components.