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Basic Cuzco

Daily Departures. City tour and nearby archaeological places, full day to Machu Picchu tour, guided tours, train, transfers, accommodation at hotel that you choose. It is the ideal short, economic tour in Cuzco.

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Amazing Jungle Adventure and Iquitos city

Meet the Amazon rainforest and its inhabitants, their customs, traditions and daily activities in a 38-mile trip in two ecosystems; experience the encounter with the river, the flora and fauna, the natural environment. Enjoy also one night at Iquitos city.

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Arequipa and Colca

We invite you to visit Arequipa, where you can enjoy the beautiful Campiña and varied gastronomy; and explore the magnificent landscapes and natural treasures of Colca, a simply unforgettable destination that you won’t want to leave.

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Magic Puno

Discover the ways of life of ancient cultures by visiting the inhabitants of the Uros Islands, the Island of Taquile, and spend a night on the Island of Amantani, where you will share and discover the magic of this Andean Culture.

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